Protect All Shrink Wrapping Services

Industrial Shrink Wrapping
Why should your company use shrink wrap?

Protect All Shrink Wrapping Services

“All Season Protection, Anywhere, Anything”

Shrink wrapping is the most cost effective and efficient method for all season protection of your investments.

Shrink wrap is a light weight, water proof plastic material that is applied with heat to make a tight fitting cover, or a complete enclosure. Shrink wrap will shrink 25% to 30% of its surface dimension and mold itself to any type of structure. And although it provides an excellent protective seal, this unique wrap can be removed in minutes.

We can shrink wrap just about anything. We do Open Truck Shipping, Construction Equipment, Building Scaffolding, Factory Machinery, Military Equipment, Boats, Patio Furniture and much more.

Our skilled technicians come to your location to get the job done. We’re fully insured with over 10 years experience and have an excellent safety record. We service all of Ontario and will travel out of province for special jobs that require long distance travel.

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Shipping & Storage

Many companies today have space that’s vacant or not being used to its fullest potential. That space could be used for housing product or equipment that’s protected in shrink wrap. The alternative of course would be to store everything at an expensive storage facility, or use up precious space in your company warehouse building.


Industrial shrink wrapping for the construction trades has become a major focus in our line of business. If it’s storage for machinery & equipment, or shrink wrap enclosures for scaffolding and partitions, industrial shrink wrapping is in high demand for the construction trades.

Boat & Marine

When you go to uncover your boat in the spring, the last thing you want to find is that it needs repairs due to incorrect storage. Tarps that don’t fit properly, or chafe, can damage your boat. This can result in costly repairs and time lost waiting for it to get fixed. Until now, the only other safe alternative for storing your boat was the costly option of indoor storage.

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