Shipping & Storage

“All Season Protection, Anywhere, Anything”

Save On Expensive Storage/Warehousing Fees By Using Industrial Shrink Wrap!

Many companies today have space that’s vacant or not being used to its fullest potential. That space could be used for housing product or equipment that’s protected in shrink wrap. The alternative of course would be to store everything at an expensive storage facility, or use up precious space in your company warehouse building.

If you require extended storage, you’ll really appreciate avoiding expensive warehousing costs. Shrink wrapped raw materials, finished inventory and idle equipment can be stored up to a year or more in the great outdoors when covered with Industrial Shrink Wrap.

By using Industrial Shrink Wrap for on site storage, companies can stock more manufacturing materials than before. This can be a major cost savings, as purchasing in bulk leads to lower unit pricing for the materials.

“If you have the ground space, turn it into cheap on site storage space!”

Are your products really protected during transport when they leave your facility??

More and more, shrink wrap is being used throughout the transportation and shipping industry to protect products and to keep them looking new until they reach their destination.

Unlike conventional covers or tarps used for open truck flat bed shipping, shrink wrap is customized to fit any size or shape of freight required. Shrink wrap will not blow off in the wind or chafe like other ineffective covers. It also has built in UV protection and acts as a tight weather proof barrier during transport.

Some shipments require visual inspection during transport for border crossings & customs inspections. Special zipper access doors can easily be installed onto shrink wrapped shipments. Traditional covers or tarps would have to be removed for inspections, wasting time and exposing the shipment to the outside elements.

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