“All Season Protection, Anywhere, Anything”

Industrial shrink wrapping for the construction trades has become a major focus in our line of business. If it’s storage for machinery & equipment, or shrink wrap enclosures for scaffolding and partitions, industrial shrink wrapping is in high demand for the construction trades.

Forget visqueen and tarps that blow open and blow away. Shrink wrap creates seamless drum-tight containment allowing in natural light to construction enclosures. This saves you money on heating during the winter season and creates a continuous working environment for staff.

When construction sites are halted by weather delays, they face the facts that money will be lost due to these delays. Shrink wrapping can save a lot of trouble not to mention money by protecting things until work resumes.

Industrial shrink wrap comes with a 12 month UV rating, and is the strongest grade thickness (12mm) we offer, making it one of the most durable weather containment products on the market. We tailor construction shrink wraps to your specific requirements, and can install a range of accessories such as zipper doors and air venting.

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