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“All Season Protection, Anywhere, Anything”

Don’t Leave Your Boat Exposed to the Elements this Winter!

It’s no secret that the marine industry serves as our primary source for shrink wrapping business. From the smallest fishing boats to the largest cruisers, we can protect your investment with marine shrink wrap.

When you go to uncover your boat in the spring, the last thing you want to find is that it needs repairs due to incorrect storage. Tarps that don’t fit properly, or chafe, can damage your boat. This can result in costly repairs and time lost waiting for it to get fixed. Until now, the only other safe alternative for storing your boat was the costly option of indoor storage.

Protect All Shrink Wrapping Services offers a better solution for boat storage!

  • Shrink Wrap Provides UV protection
  • Your boat remains dry and clean (Just The Way You Left It In The Fall!)
  • Helps prevent moisture build-up inside the boat
  • Eliminates the possibility of damage from flapping tarps
  • An economical option compared to expensive indoor storage
  • If needed a zippered access door can be installed. Doors can be saved and reused each year.
  • Shrink Wrap allows you to store your boat at home, rather than trailering it to an expensive storage facility!

Call or e-mail us for a free quotation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about using shrink wrap for yours boats storage this winter!